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With a plethora of online social networking and workspace management services it has become hard to keep track of one’s online personal space. This is because one can easily end up signing up for a service by simply installing a Facebook app, which in turn can result in spam emails and a messed up social feed for each network that you have an account on. A solution to this problem can be to create your own personal space with a custom group where you can share files, interact with specific users and perform various other functions within a secure environment. If you are thinking about such prospects, then it’s time you tried AirSet.

With a free basic version, AirSet is a private productivity network, which allows creating personal workspaces with robust social networking options such as, the utility to share any kind of files (e.g. PowerPoint files), interaction with only selected users, calendar and file management features and lot more. AirSet is suitable for both personal and professional use and can be quite a handy tool for corporate users, educational institutes, as well as individual users. On top of that, AirSet comes with no ads or data scanning, with a safe and secure working environment.

AirSet - AirSet - a private productivity network

To get started, you can sign in with a Facebook account or sign up with your email address.

Sign up

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After the initial sign up process is complete, you are given the chance to either use a “Personal Cloud” or create  a “New Group”. AirSet can be used to create both a personal or group cloud. The difference between the two is that in a Group Cloud, everything is shared with members, until you adjust your privacy settings, whereas a Personal Cloud is extremely private and anything from within your workspace is shared only after you grant permission to a user.

Add a Group

From your workspace you can import events from social media accounts (e.g. Google and Facebook), invite people to your personal cloud, upload files to your workspace, and manage your calendar, contact list and Zoho files. For those of you who are unaware of the Zoho service, see this post which explains the features of the Zoho web service.

Personal Workspace in Airset

As is evident from the various features of AirSet, it provides a mashup with other services. However, these services such as Google, Facebook, Pixlr and Zoho. You can use these various services to customize and enhance your workspace which can include only your selected contacts for social networking, online collaboration, file sharing and the like. Furthermore, the AirSet workspace provides various options for managing your photo albums, music, documents, lists, polls, etc.

Airset Options

For more information about AirSet, see the developer’s video given below.

While the basic version of Airset is free, you can upgrade to the Premium version for as low as $4.95 / month.. The Premium account provides additional features such as more cloud storage (up to 20GB), the option to sync calendars and contacts to your Phone or Microsoft Outlook and unlimited collaborative editing using Zoho apps.

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