Create Rich Video Presentations With Human Characters Using Adobe Presenter 8

Adobe has always been famous for coming up with interactive, feature rich and user friendly products. Some examples include the Adobe Captivate, PhotoShop, Flash Player, Illustrator,  etc. Adobe Presenter is another such application that enhances the functionality of MS PowerPoint and enables creating high-quality e-learning content with a plethora of useful tools. In this post we will explore the features of Adobe Presenter 8 and how it can minimize the time, effort and cost of developing screencasts, video demos, e-learning content and the like.

Adobe Presenter free download is possible with a trial via the Adobe website. Simply go to the link given at the end of this post and login with your Adobe account (or create one for free) to download the Adobe Presenter 8 setup. After you run the setup wizard an option will be displayed to either install Adobe Presenter with a serial number or to install it as a trial version. Choose the option that is relevant for you and proceed to login with your Adobe account (when a prompt shows up during the setup wizard) to install Adobe Presenter.

Install Adobe 8 Presenter free download

PowerPoint 2010 Integration

After Adobe Presenter is installed it will show up as an extra tab on MS PowerPoint. This tab will provide you with various options to create interactive videos with the option to record a video, add your voice to narrate your presentation, import and edit audio/video files and more. Adobe Presenter allows users to convert PowerPoint 2010 slides into interactive video presentations.

Adobe Presenter

Import And Edit Media Content With Easy Post Production Tools

You can import and edit videos and audio files to create robust video presentations. This can help you reduce the cost of producing video demos, e-learning courses and other types of video presentations, without the need for specialized equipment and hardcore training for creating and editing videos. With Adobe Presenter 8 you can also dynamically mix your slides with webcam recording and easily perform post production tasks by using the various options to edit your video presentations, automatically adjust brightness and sharpness, improve audio quality, etc.

Import Video

Add Human Characters To Presentations

Other than utility to allow users to record their cam and to add/edit video and audio files, Adobe Presenter also provides the option to further enhance your videos by adding human characters to them. These characters can be added from a range of actors. You can even set actors against relevant backgrounds to suit your presentation and filter out characters according to category during selection (e.g. Business, Casual, Illustrated or Medical). Furthermore, you can also use the links given at the bottom of the character selection menu to download more e-learning templates and e-learning arts.


 Interactive Elements, Quizzes And E-learning Templates

You can insert aesthetically designed interactive elements to your content to customize and polish the look of your video presentations. Adobe Presenter allows users to choose from attractive customizable templates that can be used across projects to maintain a consistent look of your video presentations.

Adobe Presenter - Theme Editor

Adobe Captivate Integration And Publishing Options

Videos created with Adobe Presenter can be easily published to YouTube, Vimeo and other social media/video streaming websites. Adobe Presenter also comes with Adobe Captivate Integration which can allow you to create multiple learning modes in a single recording session.

Adobe Presenter Video Presentation

You can find out more about Adobe Presenter 8 from the video given below.

Adobe Presenter costs $499 and can be downloaded on a 30-day trial basis. You can download Adobe Presenter 8 as a presentation authoring tool to be used as an alternative to PowerPoint or as a complement to make awesome presentations and enhance your PowerPoint presentations.

Free Dwnload Adobe Presenter 8

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