Download RACI Template in PDF

Recently we introduced RACI Matrix Template for PowerPoint. The RACI matrix is a simple table that will list the tasks to be accomplished (rows), the list of persons (columns) and one responsibility.

RACI Matrix stands for:

  • R for “Responsible”
  • A for “Accountable” (or Approver)
  • C for “Consulted”
  • I for “Informed”
  • Optionally: O for “Out of the Loop”

Today you can download this free RACI Matrix from, a popular website where you can find resources for Do It Yourself and useful tips for businesses and office productivity. RACI is a Matrix used in lean manufacturing.

The free RACI template contains a matrix with space for the list of functions and roles in the columns. You can download and print the RACI matrix for your own organizational needs and it is available for free download in Adobe PDF format.

Download from