Best Tools For Planning A Wedding in 2018

The new year is right around the corner and with the new year will come a lot of wedding plans. If you’re planning your wedding in 2018, you might want to look at our list for some awesome wedding planning tools. These tools provide various features that can help you set everything from your guest list, table layouts to vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus for your guests. We hope you find our list of Best Tools for Planning a Wedding in 2018 useful and have a ball at your special day.

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1. All Seated

As the name implies, AllSeated is an event planning tool to help you figure out all the fine details of important events. AllSeated is essentially a free web app that can help you carefully plan your wedding day. It provides the option to manage your guest lists, seating arrangements down to a precise floor plan, and more. AllSeated can be used for various types of events, especially weddings.

all seated

2. Top Table Planner

In a previous post we brought you a review of TopTablePlanner. This tool is awesome for sorting out all your wedding day plans such as guest lists, seating plans, table plans, floor plans and menus (including vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus according to guests).

top table planner web app

3. Social Tables

Social Tables is an event-management tool for collaborative event management. Social Tables is perhaps more suitable for corporate events and might be more useful for wedding planners and event management organizations engaged in wedding planning and management. However, this is not to say that individuals cannot use it for planning their events.

The difference between Social Tables and All Seated or TopTablePlanner is more about the emphasis of Social Tables on collaborative planning and team management for managing events.

social tables

4. Perfect Table Plan

The story behind Perfect Table Plan is quite interesting. This tool was developed after the founder of the app suffered a lot of difficulties during his own wedding planning. Andy and Claire Brice had to go through heaps of issues planning their wedding and neither Excel nor other software they searched online were working out. Hence, Perfect Table Plan was developed to save people from the problems of wedding planning.

This is a paid software with a free trial version. The software has versions for both Windows and Mac. The software has three editions, i.e. Home, Advanced and Professional. This is quite a feature rich software and comes with tons of options for comprehensively designing your floor plan.

perfect table plan

5. Tablerrr

Tablerrr is another useful web app which can be used for planning your wedding. You can plan everything from your guest list to your table, floor plan and the seating arrangements for your guests. Tablerrr has a very descriptive tutorial on its website that you can watch to understand how the app works. By and large Tablerrr is a very easy to use web app and can be a great tool for planning a wedding.



6. 3D Event Designer

If you want more than just 2D diagrams to design your wedding plan, you can opt for 3D Event Designer. This 3D design tool gives you options to plan your events with details about your venue, caterer, equipment rentals, audio and visuals, seating plan, etc. You can use readymade floor plan templates and duplicate them to start planning your wedding day event.

3d event designer

We hope you liked our list for the best tools for planning a wedding in 2018. We would also encourage you to check out this wedding budget template to make sure you don’t break the bank while planning for your special day. We would like to wish you all the best for your wedding day!

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