Customer Contact List Template For Excel

If you are a business involved in making sales and interacting with your customers, then you know the importance of keeping a close relationship and tight rapport with them. You need to not only provide excellent customer service but also be in touch with them on a regular basis so they are updated with your latest products or services.


The Customer Contact List Template for Excel is a reliable template that you can use for storing all your customers’ contact information so you can get in touch with them. This template is very useful for those companies or businesses involved in selling their goods or services to customers, such as clothing boutiques, restaurants, suppliers, manufacturers, fabricators, and many more.

Store Customer Contacts Easily

This template allows you to store a comprehensive list of your customers’ contact information so you know how to get in touch with them not only for marketing purposes but also for customer service and follow ups as well.

This Excel template has two worksheet tabs, the Contacts and Setup tabs. The Contacts tab is where you can find your customers. In the template, there are sample entries that give you an idea of how your own contact list will look like, as well as guide you in filling out the table. The table has two contact types, allowing you to store contacts for both business and personal purposes. The columns neatly separate the data into Customer ID, Company, Contact, Contact Type, Phone, Cell, Fax, Email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Website, and complete address. There are also columns for Directions, Contact Title, and Notes.


Update Contacts in the Cloud

You can also easily sort through all your data because of the built in sorting or filter feature of the template. This way, you can store hundreds of contacts and easily find one that you need in seconds.

The Setup tab, meanwhile, shows your own address and contact information.


You can store this contact list in your company computer, as well as have a copy on your OneDrive account so you, and any of your colleagues or employees, can add more contacts or update the ones that are already stored. They only have to open any browser to go to the Contact list file and this can be done using any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

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