5 Best Cloud Video Editing Tools

In recent years we have seen many cloud based services offering users the opportunity to work and save their projects to the cloud. Some examples include, cloud accounting  and online project management services. Similarly, other resource intensive tasks such as video editing are also moving gradually to the cloud. One of the primary examples of cloud based video editing is the YouTube video editor. Likewise, there are also many other useful services that are offering users the utility to edit videos online.

YouTube Video Editor

The provision of cloud based video editing solutions means that you no longer have to install resource intensive applications like Premiere Pro. This can help you use only basic screencast  or video rendering tools and do the rest online. For example, you can create a video presentation by capturing content of your PowerPoint slides using Best Free Screen Capturer, Camtasia Studio Add-in or Ezvid and do the editing online after uploading your video to YouTube. Once your video has been uploaded you can join videos, remove frames, add music, insert transitions, trim, rotate and stabilize clips, as well as annotate frames using the YouTube Video Editor. If you have some videos on your channel but haven’t use the editing feature yet, then try out this cloud editing utility by YouTube via the link given below.

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YouTube Video Editor

JW Player Editor

If you are looking for an online video editing tool that can provide support for a wide range of formats, then you should try JW Player Editor. This web based video editor offers three packages including a free version with 1 GB online storage. Other packages include the Advanced ($49 per year) and Pro ($349 per year) packages. With JW Player Editor you can import media files such as photos, videos and music and edit them online. It supports a wide range of audio, video and image formats including MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WMV, ASF, MP3, WAV, Ogg, JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF (to name a few).

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JW Player editor - Online Video Editing


If you are looking for a handy online video editor that can help you collaborate with other users for your editing project, then you should try WeVideo. The slogan of this service explains its functionality, i.e. “Collaborative online video editor in the cloud”. WeVideo has several packages for personal, educational and business use with a starting price of $4.99 per month. It also has a Lite (free) package which offers 5 GB of online storage space. The editing options include full-feature video editing, Google Drive integration, online collaboration, support for all types of media files, YouTube and Facebook sharing options and mobile device support.

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Pixorial is another good web application for editing your videos online. It allows users to edit videos to give them a professional look with titles, transitions, overlay text and music, as well as sharing and online storage options, Google Drive integration and more. It also has an application for iOS devices and you can get 50 GB storage for free by referring friends.To get started, you can sign up for a free account or login with your Facebook or Google account.

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ClickBerry Interactivity Creator

ClickBerry Interactivity Creator is not precisely a cloud based video editor but rather a desktop application, however we would recommend this application to people looking for cloud integration and simplicity. The good thing about this application is that it is not very resource intensive (unlike common video editors) and also allows some very nice sharing and uploading features. With ClickBerry you can edit videos using your desktop operating system and also save them online. When you sign up for a ClickBerry account you get 1 GB cloud storage, which means that it does offer support for cloud based functionality. You can even upload your edited videos directly to Facebook. ClickBerry has applications for Windows, Mac OS X and iOS. For more details see our Review of ClickBerry Interactivity Creator.


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