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Many web services allow streaming TV Shows and movies however all of them are not available for free or run amidst legal issues. Furthermore many video streaming services do not provide new TV Show episodes and movies. Nonetheless, there are a few exceptional services such as Hulu.


What is Hulu?

Hulu is one of the most famous video streaming services in the United States, which enables users to watch free movies and TV Shows online. Despite its popularity in the U.S. the service is restricted only to users within the country due to legal restrictions. However, global users can opt for various workarounds to access Hulu to stream their favorite TV Shows and Movies for free. With Hulu you can browse for TV Shows and Movies according to categories and Genre. The latest movies and TV Show episodes are made available periodically on Hulu.

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Hulu Restrictions

Normally, when a user from outside USA accesses Hulu, an error message appears that currently Hulu is not available from outside USA.

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How To Access Hulu From Outside U.S.A.

If you live outside USA or wish to watch your favorite programs when you are outside the United States then here are a few workarounds for you. The most commonly used workaround are VPN services like Hotspot Shield and TunnelBear.

Hotspot Shield

To use Hotspot Shield, all you have to do is to install the application on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device and turn on the app. Once done, you will acquire U.S. credentials to watch movies and TV Shows via Hulu. Hotspot Shield is available for free but is heavily ad-supported, however you can remove this restriction by using the paid version.

Hotspot Shield


Alternatively, you can use the TunnelBear app which provides up to 1.5 GB free bandwidth per month. Using TunnelBear you can not only access U.S. only websites like Hulu but also switch to UK based credentials for accessing restricted websites available in countries like U.K. such as Spotify. TunnelBear comes with both paid and free versions. While the free version provides limited bandwidth, it is adds-free (unlike the free version of Hotspot Shield). TunnelBear has apps for Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad and Android.


Using any of the aforementioned VPN services, you can access Hulu and other location restricted websites.

Access Hulu From Outside USA

So whether you live in U.S.A. or wish to stream your favorite shows from outside the U.S., it’s time you tried Hulu.

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