Yodiz: Cloud Based Project Management And Collaboration Platform

Project management and online collaboration tools are becoming quite important in the wake of the revolutionary changes taking place in the global market. For example, internet crowdsourcing has made it possible to hire the best possible resource at a discounted rate from around the world via the internet. Hence, it becomes necessary to collaborate with foreign employees hired by the employer, who requires remotely managing his/her project and collaborating with people from numerous parts of the world. In such a case, the hired employees may require engaging in discussions, providing the employer with PowerPoint presentations and logging their progress. Yodiz is a web based project management and online collaboration platform that allows users to quickly share information and track the progress of the overall project.

To use Yodiz, you can either sign in with a Google (Apps or services) account or sign up for a new account. If you are using a Google account, it must be registered with a company.

After you login with your account, you are provided with a Dashboard where you can fully manage your project and get an overview regarding the progress of the team. Furthermore, you can add and collaborate with team members regarding your project.

Yodiz provides role based specialized screens that allow users to create a personal priority list, where they can add a “to do list” to organize their work. The Dashboard can be used to track the progress of projects in a glance with the help of graphical data. You can also benefit from the handy backlogs that can be reordered via drag and drop and enable viewing details and estimate points, with real time statistics.

The Scrum Board of Yodiz is a another handy option for tracking sprint progress, where you can view details regarding the number of tasks being worked on and the ones that are pending. The avatars of each team member makes it easy to identify information about who is working on which task. Similarly, the Yodiz platform provides options for issue tracking, generating reports, team discussions and more.

Yodiz has three different packages, including the Free package (limited to 5 users), Startups package ($3 per month, limited to 15 users) and the Advance package ($7 per month, can be used by more than 15 users). In case you would like to use a similar platform to Yodiz which also provides access to MS PowerPoint and other famous applications, then check out our compilation of Online Project Management Tools.

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