Work Breakdown Structure Template For PowerPoint

If you wish to present a work breakdown structure for your project in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation, then what you need is a work breakdown structure template. While one can make use of SmartArt Graphics and generic presentation templates for making such a structure, getting the orientation and layout right can alone take a long time; not to mention the effort that is required to make slides look good can be quite tiring.

Animated Work Breakdown Structure Template for PowerPoint

The Work Breakdown Structure Template for PowerPoint is an animated template with a plethora of slide layouts that you can customize for presenting your product, service and/or data. With this template you can outline the necessary framework for estimating and presenting cost, control and schedule for a project.

project breakdown structure template

Customize Project Breakdown Layouts With Animations

The opening slide depicts an analogue alarm clock and dollar sign on a seesaw. The following slides contain layouts for making detailed project timelines and breakdowns with the help of various placeholders and animations.

project breakdown structure

Display WBS Hierarchical and Incremental Composition for a Project in Phases

Once text is entered in the given placeholders, it appears one by one as you proceed with your presentation in Slide Show mode. This can be very helpful to present the project breakdown structure gradually over the course of a presentation, where parts of a wbs chart is revealed only when necessary.

project breakdown framework

The template consists of 21 sample slides, with some basic instructions for customizing the content according to need. Half the slides are in animated form, whereas the rest of the slides provide the same content as static sample slides.

You can change the images in the given slides with your own or use the sample clipart and images to quickly create wbs slides. This template can be downloaded for the following:

  • PowerPoint (Windows)
  • PowerPoint (Mac)
  • Keynote (Mac and iPad)

Go to Presenter Media – Work Breakdown Structure Template for PowerPoint

sample wbs chart

Work Life Balance Clipart

This is a static clipart which you might find useful when making wbs presentations. It shows a stick figure balancing himself on a seesaw. This clipart can be downloaded in different resolutions for the following formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG

Go to Presenter Media – Work Life Balance Clipart

work life balance clipart

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