Free Academic Presentation Template For PowerPoint

Teachers and students alike will be making presentations in class. We have previously reviewed numerous templates that can be used not just for businesses or organizations but also in the classroom setting as well. The PowerPoint Template that we will discuss in this article is an academic template that is ideal for use by teachers and students for educational presentations.

Academic Themed PowerPoint Templates for Widescreen Formats

Presentation Template for Academic Presentations

The Free Academic Presentation Template for PowerPoint is a school-themed template that instructors and students can both use. It is professionally designed and looks clean, formal, and very fitting for high school, college, and even post-graduate presentations. Although designed with a theme, it is standard enough for many school, high school or university subjects, such as Languages, English, Math, Literature, Medicine, even Research, and so many more. It can even be used by school administrators to present school events, notices, and other announcements.

This Academic Presentation Template contains taupe-gray bands with pinstripes that serve as top and bottom borders, accented by a blue-green ribbon that resembles a bookmark. All these are set in a plain white background to allow easy readability of the presentation content. This theme echoes throughout the whole presentation template, giving it a cohesive and streamlined look.

Display Graphs and Charts Using This Template

Make Use of a Dozen Sample Slides to Craft Your Presentation

This education themed presentation template contains 12 slides that begin with an attractive cover slide. This cover slide contains the title and introduces your topic. It contains a sample photo of a book with a bookmark, which is just like your theme. However, you can change this sample photo for your own without greatly affecting the look of your presentation, and even adding more personalization to your deck.

The inside templates contain various layouts that allow you to add bulleted or numbered lists, graphs, tables, SmartArt and even photos. You can also play with the other slide templates to present your information in a visual and concise manner.

SmartArt Graphics for School Inspired PowerPoint Presentations

You can access and edit this template directly from a browser by logging into PowerPoint Online for free with a Microsoft account.

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