Mind Mapping

Download free mind mapping templates for PowerPoint presentations and learn how to make a mind map in PowerPoint using shapes and built-in graphics. Free mind map PowerPoint slide designs can help you to organize your ideas in a PowerPoint presentation and make effective slide designs to share with your audience.

Also, you can use 3rd party mind mapping software tools to create mind map slides and diagrams and then export the mind map image to PowerPoint presentations.

Stakeholder Map Template

Stakeholders in an organization or project can be represented in multiple ways. You can visualize stakeholders using mind maps, and PowerPoint can be used to make simple stakeholder diagrams with a mind map style. Or you can use advanced mind-mapping software tools to make stakeholder maps. DropMind is a mind mapping tool that you can download …

OneNote Mind Map Tools

OneNote Mind Map Tools

Making mind maps is an effective strategy for you to sort out your ideas and really make sense out of your thoughts. This technique is widely used in conceptualizing ideas important in product development, business start-ups, writing, advertising, and even in school. To help you with this, you can go the traditional route and use …

Best Brain Clipart & Graphics For PowerPoint

revolving brain powerpoint template

PowerPoint users use brain clipart and graphics for various purposes. This includes; brainstorming sessions, mind maps and presentations about new ideas. We have compiled a list of some of the best brain clipart and graphics for you to choose from. The list below contains both free and premium clipart and PowerPoint templates with brain being …