Waves PowerPoint Templates

The imagery of the sea and the waves represent serenity, peacefulness, calm, nature, and beauty. Using waves as a theme to your presentations will channel calm feelings and you will have a better chance of getting your message across and convincing your audience.

Below are Waves PowerPoint Templates that contain images of waves that are all creatively and beautifully incorporated in each slide to bring your audience back to the sea right from their seats.

Waves PowerPoint templates

Simplicity in Waves

The Waveform PowerPoint Template is a simple, modern-looking template that subtly shows undulating waves in abstract design. It features a solid white background and a gradient light blue overlay that has the bottom part shaped like a wave. There are also soft lines and shading on the bottom to convey movement.

This Waveform PowerPoint Template is general purpose and contains a set of professionally designed layouts that coordinate with each other. The layouts provide your presentation a professional and cohesive look. However, you can still customize it to your own preference by formatting the background in the Design tab in the Ribbon, or by changing design elements such as font styles and colors. Furthermore, you can insert your logo and add headers to truly make the presentation your own.

And because this is a general purpose template, your customization options are limitless so you can use and reuse the template many times for all your presentation needs.

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Never Be Blue with a Blue Wave Slideshow

The Blue Wave PowerPoint Template is a bright, lovely, and wavy presentation template that features various shades of blue that create a wave design.

The wave effects of this Blue Wave PowerPoint Template, although a predominant theme in the template, still makes it versatile enough to be used for business, education, or personal use. From financial reports to photo albums and from mood boards to project proposals, this template has you covered.

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Be Sophisticated but not Somber

The Black and Blue Smoke PowerPoint Template lends a more mysterious look to your presentation as it features thin blue tendrils of smoke that form waves over a solid black background. Looking sophisticated yet still giving your every slide an interesting touch, this template is perfect for many kinds of presentations, from business to education to home and personal use.

This template comes with a set of professionally laid out slides that allow you to insert tables, charts, graphs, and even images so that you have different, more concise and clear ways of presenting your data.

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Enjoy the Ocean Right from Your Seats

The Ocean Waves PowerPoint Template is a beautifully designed presentation template that contains a background in different shades of blue, with undulating lines that form waves. The slide template also contains a realistic image of waves crashing into shore, giving the audience the feel that they are right at the beach.

This general purpose template is perfect if you want to create a more emotional connection to your audience, as its imagery depicts fantasy, relaxation, and serenity.

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  1. I would love to have the waves for my business cards? Is there way i could
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