Marketing Plan Presentation Template For PowerPoint

Any company involved in selling products or services will benefit a lot by having an effective marketing plan. A marketing plan defines the marketing goals of the company and its employees and should be parallel with the business plan. It should have clear-cut directives when it comes to the four P’s of marketing such as price, product, promotion and place.

Be Active With Your Marketing Plan

Reveal Your Plan for Marketing Success

The Marketing Plan Presentation Template for PowerPoint is a template for delivering your marketing plan for the company. It is a highly visual and interesting PowerPoint Presentation Template that instantly shows your drive to boost your company towards success. The template employs images that contain the same message of drive and motivation.

This Marketing Plan Presentation Template features five slides that are visually attractive. The layouts are carefully created to show a balance of text and images, so that each slide of your presentation easily grabs the attention of the audience and tells a story.

Drive Your Company to the Top

Drive Your Company to the Top

The first slide is a cover slide where you can see an image superimposed on the whole slide. The Company Name, Marketing Plan Title or Year of the Marketing Plan, and Name and Job Title of Presenter, are all written in this slide. There is gray and white band that goes across on top of the slide, which is present in all the slides and ties up the whole presentation together.

The inside slides allow you to present your Marketing Plan in various ways, such as bullet points, graphs, SmartArt, and images. You can easily customize these sample slides to your own content by simply clicking on the placeholders. You can also change the images for your own by simply deleting the sample images and replacing them for your own from your computer.

Add New Slides to Suit Your Presentation Needs

Needless to say, you can also add new slides and duplicate or delete them depending on what you need for your own presentation.

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