Download free painting PowerPoint backgrounds and slide designs for art, panting and other paint related PowerPoints, including paint splatter backgrounds, ink spots and paint PPT templates.

Ocean Painting PowerPoint Template


Bodies of water are always a great idea for presentation themes because they embody nature, calm, and relaxation. People would always want to see this and would appreciate an eye-catching scenery of the ocean in any beautifully designed slide. While you can’t always use a realistic ocean picture in your slides, you can always use …

Watercolor PowerPoint Template

Cool and Soothing Background and Color Scheme

Aside from being informative and interesting, your PowerPoint Presentation must also reflect what your topic, theme, company or personality is all about. Is should visually tell a story and leave a good impression on your audience. Like in fashion, where you have to make sure that you project the look that you want, you should also dress up …

Create Amazing Spreadsheet Paintings With Excel Painter Template

Create Paintings on Your Spreadsheet

There is more to Microsoft Excel than numbers, formula, charts, graphs, SmartArt, and endless cells and grids. Apparently, more and more people are using Excel worksheets as a canvas; making painting in Excel an art form in itself.