Picture Over Watercolor PowerPoint Theme

To make a rather drab presentation interesting, it is important that you make use of different slide designs and layouts. While there are many PowerPoint templates with ready-made slides and organized layouts for making comprehensive presentations, you can also insert slides from single slide templates to your existing presentation.

Droplet PowerPoint Template


Water symbolizes cleansing, cleanliness, calm, and nature. You can incorporate these qualities in your next presentation with a template that harnesses the beauty of water. Through the Droplet PowerPoint Template, you can channel the movement and serenity of water in your presentations.

Watercolor PowerPoint Template

Cool and Soothing Background and Color Scheme

Aside from being informative and interesting, your PowerPoint Presentation must also reflect what your topic, theme, company or personality is all about. Is should visually tell a story and leave a good impression on your audience. Like in fashion, where you have to make sure that you project the look that you want, you should also dress up …

How to apply artistic effects in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 comes with a full set of styles and effects that you can apply to images and graphics in Power Point.  This feature is called Artistic Effects and it is different than the Picture Effects in the sense that you can apply effects directly into the image. In order to apply artistic effects into …