Best Abstract PowerPoint Video Backgrounds

spiral dots powerpoint video background

Abstract video backgrounds for PowerPoint can help you create presentations with a splash of something eye-catching and unique. You can make use of video backgrounds in a number of ways by adding supporting text to give them a context through customization. We have compiled a list of the best abstract PowerPoint video backgrounds with videos …

Melancholy Abstract PowerPoint Template


When you use abstract art or design in your presentations, you are not only creating a background for your content. You are also setting the mood for your whole presentation. This is why it is also important to choose the right kind of abstract PowerPoint template or abstract design to use.

Animated Push Design Template For PowerPoint

Sometimes the best thing you can do as a presenter is not to opt for fancy slide designs but rather to look for something subtle and minimalist. At the same time you would want your content to stand out and be noticed; which might require adding a few transitions and animations. The Animated Push Design …

Facet PowerPoint Template With Green Geometric Shapes

Minimalist Yet Stylish Facet Design Template for PowerPoint

If you want to create modern, minimalist, stylish and sophisticated templates, you are in the right place. The Facet PowerPoint Template with Green Geometric Shapes is a beautiful and artistically designed template that you can use for many types or topics of presentations. 

Free Abstract Grid PowerPoint Templates

Intricate Grid and Swirls Design for Futuristic Effect

Abstract grids represent technology, order, design and pattern. It represents the symmetry of a well-designed architecture, building, or software, among many others. If you belong in any of these fields, you know how important it is to create presentations that match your industry, while showing a breathtaking design that gives justice to your own content. 

Letter Shaped Savon PowerPoint Template

Elegant Savon Style PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for a PowerPoint Presentation Template that is unique and yet still highly elegant, then you will find the template below perfect for you. This Letter Shaped Savon PowerPoint Template is uniquely designed to look like a luxurious soap box. It is unique in its design as well as in its orientation. …

Watercolor PowerPoint Template

Cool and Soothing Background and Color Scheme

Aside from being informative and interesting, your PowerPoint Presentation must also reflect what your topic, theme, company or personality is all about. Is should visually tell a story and leave a good impression on your audience. Like in fashion, where you have to make sure that you project the look that you want, you should also dress up …

Mesh Dark Abstract PowerPoint Template

Elegant and Simple Abstract PowerPoint Presentations

If you prefer a dark-colored template that is both sophisticated and elegant, then you will love this Mesh Dark Abstract PowerPoint Template. This template contains standard features with top-of-the-line design aesthetics that will surely make whatever topics you want to present remarkably stand out.

Vapor Trail Dark Template For PowerPoint Online

Professional Looking PowerPoint Template

There are many ways to give any presentation the appeal that it needs. It all depends on the message and impression you want to give to your audience so that they will be attentive and interested to what you have to say. There are templates that you can use to make creating a winning slideshow …