Wacom Pen Tablets: Graphic Designing And Video Editing Made Easy

While one might deem a tablet to be a replacement for a laptop or a good way of killing some time with frivolous apps and selfies, Wacom’s Pen Tablets are nothing of that kind.

Wacom interactive Pen displays and tablet styluses

Wacom Digital Drawing Tablets

Wacom tablets bring something special for graphic designers and editing professionals who can make use of the precision of pressure-sensitive capabilities available in an editing application, using a Wacom powered pen tablet. Moreover, Wacom’s tablets come powered with unusually high processing capability, with the power of Core i3, i5 and i7 processing, allowing you to use professional applications like Adobe PhotoShop, Premiere Pro and Adobe Lightroom.

Wacom digital drawing tablets

Range of Graphics Tablets by Wacom

Wacom has been producing a wide range of Graphic tablets over the years. Most of Wacom’s tablets come with software bundles which provide applications like the Corel Painter and PhotoShop elements. Each tablet comes with a digital pen, which makes graphic designing, digital drawing, video editing and post image processing more convenient.

All Wacom tablets come with connectivity ports (Bluetooth and USB), as well as relevant drivers, enabling them to connect with Windows and Mac based computers. There are a range of Wacom tablets available worldwide, with different processor ranges.

Wacom tabet range

Digital Drawing Tablets for Professional and Home Users

Wacom not only has a wide range of tablets for professional users but there are also a variety of models for home users. The Bamboo tablets in particular are designed for home users, whereas the Intuos and Cintiq range comes jam packed with features for professional users. Likewise, the

Inkling range has been especially deigned to make digital sketching easier. Whether you are looking for a drawing tablet for PC, a PhotoShop tablet (so to speak), or a pen tablet that can bear the brunt of resource hogging applications like Premiere Pro, Wacom has a model that can help you get  things done more smoothly.

Wacom pen tablet

Editing Tasks Made Easy using Wacom Tablet Pens

Those accustomed to the iPad Stylus might find Wacom powered devices more useful. The Wacom Pens are really a work of art. They come with sensors which provide the adaptability and precision which is imperative for image or video editing, as well as graphic designing. The Wacom pens require no batteries, yet the precision they provide is quite commendable, as the tablet reads the pressure and speed of the pen using EMR technology (Electromagnetic Resonance Technology).

Wacom tablet pen

What Makes Wacom Tablets Perfect for Digital Image Manipulation and Video Editing

Below is a video by Wacom which explains how Wacom products can help you in making your image manipulation and video editing tasks easier.

You can find out more about Wacom and the range of tablets available from the link below. To see the different specifications and price ranges for Wacom tablets, head over to the Wacom Store or you can check Wacom products at Amazon here.

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