How To Play Video Inside A TV Image in PowerPoint

Making presentations more interesting is all about thinking outside the box or in this case, inside the box! If you need to play out a video during your presentation, you can make it more interesting by using a TV frame. Instead of simply inserting the video as it is, you can opt for revealing it …

Pitch Decks That Created Successful Companies

Whether you are a startup looking to raise capital or a successful business willing to expand your market, the chances are you will need a powerful pitch deck to attract investors. A pitch deck is a presentation to pitch your ideas to investors, customers, partners, etc.

Comment Bubble: Get Feedback For The Best & Worst Parts Of Your Videos

Many people use YouTube channels to market products, showcase their talents, to make video tutorials and guides about things that interest them. Audience feedback usually comes in the form of a ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ or via rude comments from trolls.

How To Insert A Video in PowerPoint 2013

Inserting a video in your PowerPoint presentation can make it that much more interesting. Instead of walking through an audience through complex concepts, it is much easier to showcase a brief video with all the necessary details laid out in an easy to grasp manner. There are various methods by which you can insert a …

Download Royalty Free Images For Use As PowerPoint Photos At Depositphotos

The need for Royalty free images is ever increasing. Be it a blog where you can get a DMCA notice for using an image without permission or  a PowerPoint Presentation with copyrighted material, getting caught can land you in trouble. Moreover, the plethora of images found across search engines are watermarked, which makes it nearly …

Pro’s And Con’s of Using Audio & Video in Business Presentations


Whenever a discussion pops up over the efficacy of PowerPoint as a presentation tool, there is one thing that always deserves a special mention. And that is visual appeal! PowerPoint Presentations add value to the expression of an idea in a more innovative and presentable manner.

Create Video Presentations From PowerPoint And PDF With MyBrainshark

Making video presentations out of PowerPoint is easily possible by converting PowerPoint to Video or with the help of the Camtasia Studio add-in. However, one may find it more convenient to have the flexibility to create video presentations that are easily editable, with the utility to add new slides anytime. MyBrainshark is a web service …

Use Of Audio And Video in PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Presenters nowadays want to add video and audio segments to their presentation slides to enhance the impact their message has. Adding sound or inserting a video clip can add interest to the PowerPoint Presentation. On the other hand, relying only on multimedia effects to carry your presentation often backfires and may not give you the …

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