Online Sales Tracker Template For Excel Online

Whether you are selling your personal belongings for a yard sale or are starting a business, it is important to keep track of your sales and revenue to make sure that everything is accounted for. Having a sales tracker is an important part of every venture that involves selling products or services because this will show you how well you are selling and how much you are earning from your sales efforts.


To help you out, Microsoft Excel has a fantastic Online Sales Tracker Template for Excel, which enables you to monitor your sales anytime and anywhere in the globe through your smartphone and other devices.

This is because the template is in Excel Online, which only requires that you login to your OneDrive account to access the template. From here, you can modify, update, change, delete, or simply view various items in the tracker.


The Online Sales Tracker Template features two areas: one for the bar graph and pie chart, and one for the table where you input your information. The table is linked to the graphs, and will automatically update as you input information. The column headers will serve as guide on what you need to input, such as name of item, cost per item, markup, total sold, total revenue, shipping charge, shipping cost, profit per item, returns, and total income. At the bottom of the table, totals are automatically added up as well.

Meanwhile, the upper part shows you the Product Profit Per Item in a bar graph. Here, you can easily see which is your most profit-generating item and how much profit each item brings in to your company. The pie chart shows you the percentage shares of each of the items to your company’s income.


You can copy/paste or embed these visuals to your financial reports or presentations. If you want, you can also customize the colors or create 3D charts to personalize them to your preference and branding. If you want to create financial projections, business plans, and financial statements, you can use this template as well.

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