Visions And Targets Template For PowerPoint

Last updated on March 29th, 2022

A vision is a short statement that guides a company towards its goals. Without a vision, a company will be like a ship without a rudder, merely drifting without any direction. A good business leader should be able to communicate his vision statement for the company and define values and motivations for the employees. 

Visions and Targets Template for Achieving Business Goals

Vision slides are sometime combined with the mission statement, hence we come with a vision and mission statement presenting the corporate vision and mission in a single slide. In some cases, a personal mission statement can be found in presentations related to self-introduction, resumes and presentations made by students. For personal mission statement examples, we recommend checking some of our other blogs.

Keep Your Eye on Your Goal

The Visions and Targets Template for PowerPoint is a very useful template to help you get started in motivating your employees and directing your whole company towards your goal. This template is a well-designed PowerPoint Template that allows you to present your Vision and Targets in a professional and empowering manner.

Professional Template with Unified Theme

This template has a blue theme that makes it look clean, streamlined, yet stylish at the same time. There are 12 slides in this template that contain the theme of a man rejoicing on top of a pyramid. The pyramid is separated into three parts, where you can put three keywords that convey your vision for the company. This theme is predominantly on the first slide, which can also function as the cover slide.

Empower Employees to Work Towards The Same Goal

The inside slides still retain the same imagery, however, the slide is divided straight in the middle to form a horizon and the goal is above the horizon. Meanwhile, pathways leading to the goal are separated into five, which you can fill in as the ways to reach your target for the company. There are sample images on the template and they allow you to visually tell your story to your audience. In the sample on one slide, there are targets such as Strategy Targets, Process Targets, People Targets, Business Targets, and Environmental Targets. You can change the many sample text, images and icons for your own to personalize the presentation for your company.

Follow the Customization Instructions in the Template

This Visions and Target Template contain slides that you can interchange or further modify for your specific business. The last two slides contain instructions and tips on how to personalize the template so anyone, from beginner to expert, can definitely use it for personal, organizational, school or business use.

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