Visions And Targets Template For PowerPoint

Visions and Targets Template for Achieving Business Goals

A vision is a short statement that guides a company towards its goals. Without a vision, a company will be like a ship without a rudder, merely drifting without any direction. A good business leader should be able to communicate his vision statement for the company and define values and motivations for the employees. 

Best Digital Eye Chart Generators For Testing Visual Acuity

Eye charts are used to determine visual acuity and contain numerous rows of standard symbols in different sizes, known as optotypes. While eye charts have been used by eye specialists (ophthalmologists) since decades to determine vision related problems of patients, in recent years computer-based alternatives for eye charts have also become available. In fact, some …

Stakeholder Map Template

Stakeholders in an organization or project can be represented in multiple ways. You can visualize stakeholders using mind maps and PowerPoint can be used to make simple stakeholder diagrams with a mind map style. Or you can opt to use advanced mind mapping software tools to make stakeholder maps. DropMind is a mind mapping tool that …

Developing a Better Strategy Using the Mintzberg’s 5P Strategy

Every business requires a thriving strategy in order to achieve success. An effective plan will help in planning and organizing all the available resources in a correct manner. Henry Mintzberg presented five essential points that are really helpful in designing a robust, achievable as well as practical business strategy in 1987. Brief introduction to Mintzberg’s …