Value Analysis Calculator Template For Excel

Business enterprises, whether in product-selling or providing services need numerous financial documentation and reporting mechanisms so they are up-to-date with their financial activities. Such documents and reports are essential with providing the company with accurate information that will help in determining the future of the company and to back it up when it comes to its many decisions and actions.


One such financial report is a Value Analysis Calculator Template for Excel, which we will discuss in this article. The Value Analysis Calculator Template for Excel is a free-to-use spreadsheet template that helps you create a quantitative analysis of the bottom-line impact of your product or service on your business. With this Value Analysis Calculator Template for Excel, you can generate data that you can use for creating your Break-Even Analysis and determine your Return on Investments (ROI).

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As a business entity, you need to gather facts and quantitative data in figuring out your actions and where you want your company to go. With a Value Analysis Calculator Template for Excel, you can systematically see the Benefits, Investments and Net Value of your product or service to see where you need work or improvements on. You can also use this data to answer many of your business’ problems and needs.

Value Analysis Calculator For Excel

The Value Analysis Calculator Template for Excel lets you determine if the costs needed to create a particular product or service enough. It answers the main question: “Can the cost of this product or service be reduced without affecting the perceived benefit, effectiveness, quality and customer satisfaction that this product or service brings?”

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The Value Analysis Calculator Template for Excel 2013 has three main parts: Benefits, Investments, Net Value.

The Benefits show how much value the company gets, how much it has saved, and how much it earns for profit. It shows Increased Revenue, Reduced Costs, Avoided Costs. The investments on the other hand, show One-Time Investments and Ongoing Investments, which is money that the company spends as expenses. Lastly, Net Value shows how much the company actually gets.


The Value Analysis Calculator Template for Excel also features a quarterly display of information so you can see improvements or developments over time. You can even use this information when you are creating a PowerPoint presentation to show to your company’s stakeholders. This template is compatible with Excel 2003 and later versions, including Excel 2013.

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