Using Web Fonts in PowerPoint Presentations

Web Fonts are creative typography fonts which are permitted to be used in Web Pages.  The Font-Face tag in HTML allows you to integrate web typography to Web Pages. In the Past, it was only limited to default fonts installed on user’s PC.

You can also implement Web Fonts in PowerPoint Presentations with ease. They look awesome and provide a massive selection or spectacular fonts.

How to Use Web Fonts in PowerPoint Presentations

Google Fonts

You can use Google Fonts API In PowerPoint. Only a few professional presenters are aware of this trick, you can amaze your workmates or clients by implementing these web Fonts.

  • Head over to Google Fonts Homepage, Browse through the massive collection or web fonts. You can search for your desired font using advanced styling options like width e.t.c.
  • Once you find your desired font style, Just click on Add to Collection on the bottom.
  • You can add as many fonts as you want. After you finish Choosing, Click on the Download your Collection link at the top right of the page.

Custom Google Fonts API

  • Remember to choose Download the Font Collection as Zip, because we are going to use it in PowerPoint.
  • Just install the Font on your PC, after Installation, you should see the font style in PowerPoint Dropdown Lists.

Other Sources

You can choose to Download Web Fonts from other sources as well. You need to Embed the Fonts in .PPT file itself to be able to view the font on other PC other than the local host.

Embed Custom Fonts

In the Save tab, under Preserve Fidelity when sharing this presentation section, Tick he Embed Fonts in the file. It’s better to choose Embed only the characters used in the presentation option, because it will reduce the .PPT file size.


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In the same way, you can also embed various custom fonts without any hassle. You can also check the Google API fonts in PowerPoint article to learn more about how to use Google’s fonts in your presentations.

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