Insert a Webpage in PowerPoint slideshow

Sometimes you need to show a webpage in a PowerPoint slideshow and a possible solution is using the external link feature that is available almost all Office PowerPoint distribution.

However, if you want to insert a live webpage into a PowerPoint slide you can choose a free add-on LiveWeb that makes available a new button to insert a webpage into the slide.

live web

You can use LiveWeb to insert web pages into a PowerPoint slide and refresh the pages real-time during slide show. Display web pages without ever leaving the PowerPoint slide show.  LiveWeb works with documents off your local drive too. You can specify relative paths or absolute paths. LiveWeb will also look for files in the presentation folder if the files have local drive information and cannot be located at the location specified by the user during slideshow.

LiveWeb encapsulates the need to insert a web browser control manually and write code to update the web pages within the control during the slide show.


  1. Click on Insert | Web Pages
  2. Enter the list of web page address that you wish to create.
  3. Provide the additional info required.
  4. LiveWeb will create slides with web browser controls embedded on the slides
  5. Run the slide show.
  6. The web pages will be displayed during the slide show and refreshed at real-time.
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