Using Pyramid List SmartArt in PowerPoint Presentations

There are many uses of SmartArt but the foremost use is for your business PowerPoint presentation especially if you will discuss or present systems or processes. Business processes could be complex and that it entails several sub-texts or sub-topics hence making it all the more challenging to explain to your audience or colleagues. Fortunately, SmartArt like Pyramid List could help you present business process in a systematic manner.

Pyramid List SmartArt Shows The Hierarchical Relationships of Business Processes or Steps

As the definition of Pyramid List suggests, SmartArt is used to show the hierarchical relationships or how one process is connected to the other. The graphic is presented in a pyramid form wherein it suggests that the text that is placed on the base of the pyramid could represent the very first business process before the other steps or processes could be accomplished. However, this is not a strict rule since the topmost process could also serve the other process or that it could affect the outcome of the others.

pyramid list 3

Taking as example a societal structure wherein there is the component of Culture, Politics and Economics as shown below. Culture was placed in the base of the triangle to show that everything that evolves or affects Politics and Economics revolves around the development of culture. The main reason for this was the idea behind culture, which is the thinking or the way of life of the people in a particular area or community. Case in point, the culture of those living in New York is different than those living in California or other parts of the world. Hence, the buying behavior of those in New York will not be surprisingly the same as those in other States or other countries. It follows that its economic system as well as political system will be different than others too.

pyramid list 2

Re-arrange SmarArt to Fit Your Business Presentation Needs

Although the Pyramid List was originally designed to show text in layers (shown in the first screenshot), there is no limitation on what you can do with it or arrange it based on how you see it fit. Like in the screenshot above, you can rotate, flip or adjust the position of the text box to state your point. But you can also use it as it is. You can add two or three more text boxes for the other processes of delete some text boxes, if needed. You can also change or format the color of the text box and of the pyramid to make your presentation edgy or exciting.  And since colors could attract attention, then why not make it colorful, right?

pyramid list 3

So, when you are presenting a business management process and concept, you can perk up your presentation by adding colors to your graphics. You can even add photos or images to further explain your presentation like using Picture Accent List, Picture List, Continuous Picture List and many others.  In a nutshell, you can basically do whatever you want with SmartArt especially that there a   lots of graphics that you can choose from.

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