Using PowerPoint Presentations To Put The Cat in The Bag!

Today, the world is technology driven and therefore, giving a speech without a PowerPoint presentation is like cake without icing. People do not like an audio presentation instead they want something to look at too while listening. It not only looks good but also makes the presentation more interactive.

cat in the bag

Here are some of the points for using PowerPoint presentations to put the cat in the bag:

First of all, while creating a PowerPoint Presentation, always remember to keep the number of slides to minimum. Do not unnecessarily elaborate the slides. Brevity is extremely essential, keep it short and crisp.

After this, it is now the turn to keep the fonts and their sizes legible. You never know the strength of the audience in the presentation hall. So, it is always better to keep font size appropriate to make it readable to every person present in the hall. Neither it should be too small nor too big!

Then, one must prefer making bullet points in lieu of elaborating the information in detail. Always keep the information short as most people are not interested in reading lengthy information on slides. You can elaborate the bullet points verbally. It makes it more interesting for the audience.

Keeping the backgrounds on the PowerPoint presentation slides subtle is also very important. Do not make them flashy or bright. They must always be in light color so that the content written on it must be readable conveniently.

You can make the audience listen to your speech interestingly by making your PowerPoint presentation interactive. Several things such as pie charts, graphs and many more can be incorporated that can depict any numbers or data analysis. Sometimes, you can also make use of various visuals related to your speech or presentation.

Last but not the least and mandatory point to remember is – spell check and grammar. It is very important for every person. There should not be any sort of spelling or grammatical mistake as it looks awkward and gives bad impression on the audience.

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