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In the earlier days, it is very common for people, especially prominent ones, to keep a personal journal. These days, not many people keep one. However, it is important to note that there are many benefits of having your own personal journal. Journals allow you to write down and clarify your goals and priorities, as well as give you a chance to paint a clearer picture of your life or situation.

Write the Stories of Your Life Using This Personal Journal Template

At times, it helps to write down your problems or concerns and by seeing them on paper, you will find out that they do not seem so big at all. You may even be surprised that your worries are petty after all. The Personal Journal Template for Word Online will help you create your very own personal journal.

This Personal Journal Template for Word Online is a convenient template that you can access on your browser using any type of mobile device. All you have to do is log in with your Microsoft account and you can easily update your personal journal wherever and whenever. You also have an option to save the template to your own computer and access it from there.

Create an Elegant Personal Journal That is Truly Your Own

The template features its own specialized theme and style so that your title, subtitle and the body of your journal have their distinct and uniform styles. There are text placeholders where you can type in your name and date. There is also sample text so you know how the layout of your journal will be. These sample text also serve as guides and instructions on how to use the template and personalize it as well.

There is also a sample picture in the personal journal template that you can change for your own. You can use your own photo, or even an image that best describes you or your life.

Change the Sample Image to One that Best Represents You

To keep a record of your experiences or to create a journal containing your thoughts, head over to the Microsoft portal to download this template via the link given below.

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