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Career planning can be quite tricky as one is often short of information and opportunities to take that extra step to achieve a desired goal. While there are various websites like LinkedIn and Xing for interacting with professionals from different fields, it can’t really help you plan your career ahead or to find out what you might be lacking to make the extra mile. ResumUP is a revolutionary web service which not only provides LinkedIn like social networking but also provides you with precise guidelines to plan your career ahead.


Enter Your Desired Goal And Find Out What is Required To Achieve it!

Using ResumUP is as easy as it gets, you can either sign up for a new account login using Facebook or LinkedIn. To start off, enter what your current position is and what you might wish to achieve. For example, I am a Content Manager and let’s say I wish to become an IT Director at the company I work.

Enter Your Desired Goal And Find Out What is Required To Achieve it

After I entered the details, (“I am” Content Manager “My Goal is” IT Director), I was shown a map of my career plan. As you can clearly see from the image given below, the skill I am lacking is Database Administration. As my profile was detected from LinkedIn, ResumUP detected my professional details and provided me with the information that there is only 1 step missing between me and my Goal, i.e. knowledge of Database Administration.

Career Plan

See Required Skills, Available Courses And Connect With Others

Scrolling down, I can also see various skills that are require for becoming an IT Director. This is quite a convenient roadmap for understanding what skills I might need to move ahead with my career plan. Moreover, I can also see a list of available courses I can take and even contact other Database Administrators to seek guidance and advise.

Required Skills

Below is a complete overview of my professional profile. As I logged in using LinkedIn, ResumUP picked up my profile and created this convenient career profile timeline for me. If you sign up from scratch, you will require adding these skills systematically.

Career Profile

Search And Apply For Jobs According To Your Skillset

You can even search for job opportunities and apply for them via ResumUP. Simply enter your skill, location and related information to search and apply for jobs.

Search For Jobs

ResumUP Introductory Video

For more details, see the introductory video given below.

ResumUP is a free service and provides a plethora of information in the most elaborate manner possible. In case you are confused about a skill or information given in your career plan, you can also see more details about it right from within ResumUP.

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