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There are a lot of web services like SlideOnline and Speaker Deck that allow you to share your PDF and PowerPoint presentations online, however how would you like to share entire magazines? Glossi is web service that allows creating and sharing  your own customized magazines online. Whether you are thinking about making a fashion magazines, a catalog for items, a travel guide, a collection of your photos or a magazine to promote your brand, Glossi is the right place to get started with your online magazine.


Request An Invitation For A Glossi Account

In order to start using Glossi you will require an invitation. You can request an invitation by entering your email address after which you will receive an invite in 1-2 days. Click on the invitation link and sign up to begin creating your own custom magazines.

Welcome to Glossi

Create Your Own Magazine

After signing up for an account, you can instantly begin creating a “Glossi” (your magazine). Click Create Your Won Glossi to start a magazine.

Create a Glossi

Using The Glossi Editor

As you will be creating your magazine in the Glossi editor, it is worth familiarizing yourself with it before you begin your project. The available options in this editor are quite easy to understand and you can get started by selecting a title for your magazine, adding pages, selecting a background and filling up your pages with appropriate content. For example, you can add everything from photos (clippings), YouTube videos, effects and textures, frames, borders, symbols and speech bubbles to design your added pages.

Glossi Editor

The below image shows a page under development using the Glossi editor. As you can see, we have added a YouTube video and have several options on the left side menu to add various types of content to the magazine.

Editing Your Glossi

Publishing And Sharing A Glossi

Once your magazine is completed, click Publish. Published magazines can be shared on Glossi, as well as across social media websites. You can also embed a Glossi to a website using the given embed code or use the sharing URL to send a link to your Glossi magazine to a friend or people with whom you wish to share your magazine. You can also keep a Glossi private. A private Glossi can still be shared with other users using a private sharing link.

Create And Share A Glossi

Video Tutorial For Creating A Glossi

To get an overview of how to use the Glossi service to create your own magazines, see the below video.

To start creating your own magazines for free, head over to Glossi and request an invitation.

Go to Glossi

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