Types of PowerPoint Animations

PowerPoint animations enable you to add animations to presentation elements including text, graphics, charts, and more. It is important to notice the difference between transitions which are applied to slides and animations which are applied to presentation elements.

Here we will see some of the animations types available to use in PowerPoint presentations. This can be really helpful when we need to make animated PowerPoint templates and presentations.

types of powerpoint

In order to add animations to PowerPoint you need to select the element on which you want to apply the animation. But it is also important to notice the difference between different types of animations. There are a entrance animations, emphasis animations, exit animations and a special section of animations named Motion Paths.

What is the difference between Entrance animations vs. Exit animations? Each category is used for different purposes, for example Entrance animations can be used to animate elements that need to enter to the slide design or appearing on top of the content.

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On the other side, Exit animations are used for elements that need to be exited from the slide, for example if you want to remove graphics or make some text to disappear.

Additionally, you can use other kind of animations like the Emphasis that are good to empathize concepts. By using Emphasis animations you can highlight important content and apply animation effects like Grow and Shrink, Lighten, Teeter, Color Pulse and other.

Lastly, but not least important, you can combine different animations, for example if you want to make objects to appear and then make them exit.