Animated Goal Chart Template for PowerPoint

If you need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation focused on goals and measurements, then using a stunning animated goal chart template for PowerPoint presentation can be a good and effective way to impress your audience in a meeting or conference. PresenterMedia has a nice goal chart template that you can use with a nice thermometer to track the progress of your goals within a given period and customize the value of the thermometer with the actual progress and goal objective.

goal chart powerpoint template

Using this goal chart template for PowerPoint you can make animated PowerPoint presentations for fundraising presentations or even corporate or enterprise dashboards in PowerPoint. You can use the vertical thermometer design or the horizontal thermometers like the following picture.

goals ppt template

This is another example of good goal chart template that you can use to show the progress reaching a goal. You can use this for business goals but also for other organizational goals.

goal chart ppt

Also you can find many other slides including different goal chart templates and designs like the red thermometer design that you can find below or the green one with a dollar sign.

fundraising powerpoint chart

You can switch to use animated templates or static presentation slides instead.

goal chart template
PresenterMedia – Goal PowerPoint Template

You can customize this goal chart template for PowerPoint and use it toward goals and measurements. Also you can replace any words, numbers, or pictures in this template with your own and use it as a free goal PowerPoint template for fundraiser presentations as well as other business presentation needs including a barometer shape in PowerPoint with arrow and Fahrenheit or Celsius measure.

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