LiveLoop: Edit PowerPoint from multiple computers at the same time

One of the lack of PowerPoint is that it was not created with collaboration in mind despite it has review menu, notes and other revision features. Here is where other presentation software saw an opportunity, for example Zoho applications and Google Docs with it built in collaboration system that lets users collaborate and edit the same presentation from multiple or different locations. This is very convenient in a global world where users are collaborating online and cloud computing is the trend.

You’re working with four of your colleagues on a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting next Tuesday. Because you can’t work on the same file at the same time, you and your team email versions of the deck back and forth until the file is called “Tuesday_Meeting_v133_Final.ppt.” Then, it turns out that two of you had been working on the same slides at the same time… after some last-minute scrambling, the file is now “v133_Final_v2_ReallyFinal

But LiveLoop also saw this opportunity and today we can announce that this plugin let users edit presentations online. LiveLoop makes cloud-based document sharing easier

LiveLoop is a new PowerPoint plugin that lets you and your colleagues to work on the same document at the same time, seeing everyone else’s changes in true real-time. You’ll see everyone else’s changes within a fraction of a second. Whether you’re working independently on different parts of a presentation, or jointly brainstorming a single slide, you’ll never have to email attachments back and forth again. With the LiveLoop iPhone app, you can even access your documents from your iPhone or iPad, seeing all edits in immediate real-time

By using LiveLoop, you and your colleagues can edit the same PowerPoint files online and collaborate each other. This way, other people can work on the same files at and prepare a presentation from their devices or laptops without bothering what is the final presentation file. This can save you time and of course will let you avoid the discussion about how to name PowerPoint files, for example presentation_final.ppt, or presentation_last.ppt, or final1.ppt, final2.ppt avoiding confusion.

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