Turn Off Cell Phone Poster Templates For Word

Cellular phones, or cell phones, are very handy and convenient devices that people rely on today for more than just making calls. Today, people use these devices, also known as smartphones, for productivity, record-keeping, entertainment, communication, and so many other things. However, it is not all the time that you can use your cell phones. There are some places when your handy gadget is actually not allowed, such as in church or on planes.

If you yourself find cell phone use excessive and want to tell people to turn it off, you can use these Turn Off Cell Phone Poster Templates for Word. TheseĀ Word Online Templates serve like a warning, reminder, or announcement to people so that they can follow your rules as they enter your establishment or facility.

Turn off cell phone copy

Go Code Blue on Those Cell Phones

You can use this Bright Blue Cell Phone Off Reminder Template for Word to remind your guests or customers to turn off their cell phones and mobile devices in your place. This is ideal for churches, doctor’s office, school, home care, elder’s homes, in a job interview, and in many other places.

This reminder template features two bright blue rectangles that represent two separate posters on one standard letter-sized paper. It also has a lighter blue illustration of a cellular phone and the reminder, “Please silence your phone.” It is simple yet compelling so you can expect people to follow.

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Orange Sign for Off

If you work in a church or a member who dislikes the disturbance cell phones makes when used inside the church, you can use this Orange Cell Phone Off Reminder Template for Word. This goes well with many interiors while still being conspicuous enough for everyone to see and understand.

This orange reminder template features white text and a simple white illustration of a cellphone. The combination of the imagery and the clean fonts make it easily understandable for everyone that the sign is all about turning off cell phones.

Furthermore, you can also use this template, like the other templates in this post, for other reminders, such as to turn cell phones in silent mode.

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Simple Reminder for Everybody

A reminder has to be simple to be easily understood. And for a lot of people, a simple reminder is enough. This Simple Cell Phone Turn Off Reminder Template has a white background and is printer-friendly, not to mention printer-economical. It prints two reminder pages on one standard letter-sized paper.

Despite its plain white background, it is still eye-catching because of its bright blue text and illustration. The font style is simple but big and bold enough to be readable even from afar. Meanwhile, the gray image of a phone makes the message clear even without reading the text.

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