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Last updated on August 14th, 2023

Sometimes things are so bad that what you see on top is just the tip of the iceberg. Tip of The Iceberg PowerPoint Template is a free presentation template that can be perfectly used to depict this dilemma.

Use Tip of the Iceberg Metaphor in Slides

The template contains two editable slides which depict an iceberg which is only partially visible on top. You can also edit the iceberg illustration and readjust the slide design according to need. There are also sample text placeholders to help you explain your concept and ideas.

Tip of the iceberg PowerPoint template
Tip of the iceberg PowerPoint template

Adjust Water Level or Move Iceberg Illustration

The iceberg diagram can be manipulated by either moving the water level or sky background elements or the iceberg itself. Since the template is fully editable, you can easily customize it to create custom versions of the sample slides. You can even recolor the slide elements or drag to expand parts of the sample iceberg illustration.

This illustration is made up of several smaller ice images, which can be separated to create your own slide designs. Alternatively, you can download free PPT templates and slide designs to make other business and management presentations with metaphors and catchy infographics, or check out the collection of recommended iceberg template designs for presentations.

Change Water Level in an Iceberg Template design with Illustrations
Example of editable water level in an iceberg template for PowerPoint

The second sample slide comes without text-boxes and therefore, gives a more raw version of the illustration. Like the first slide, you can move around parts of the iceberg using drag and drop. In fact, you can completely change the symbolic meaning of the illustration by rearranging the iceberg illustration.

Editable Tip of the Iceberg Template
The iceberg illustration in this iceberg template is created with PowerPoint shapes

Other than PowerPoint, this free Tip of The Iceberg PowerPoint Template can also be suitably used for presentations made using Keynote or Google Slides.

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