Standard Business Invoice Template For Word

Businesses involved in selling products or services deal with customers on a daily basis. These customers are vital in the company’s revenue, because customers provide an essential cash flow. This said, one important document that you need to give your customers, so you get paid the right amount on time, is the invoice.

Example of Invoice Template for Word

Invoices are important tools that provide you with the ability to receive income for specific transactions. So if you are a business or a startup and you need to create an invoice, the Standard Business Invoice Template for Word is your best bet. Also, you can use the invoice generator to create professional invoices for different customers. The process of creating invoices has never been easier.

Bill Your Clients Fast

The Standard Business Invoice Template for Word is a ready-made invoice template with a universal design and standard format that is suitable for most businesses, big or small. If you are a freelancer or a single self-employed professional, this template can be useful as well.

The invoice template for Word features a red and black design that matches with many other templates in the Red and Black design set in Word. This allows your invoice to look professional and well-made, as well as cohesive especially if you use the other templates from the set.

Invoice Template for Word

Easily Create Beautiful Invoices

This invoice template contains placeholders that will allow you to easily fill the necessary details for your invoice. It contains a header with your invoice number, as well as the date of your invoice, all in clear, bold text. Underneath this is the recipient of the invoice, usually a client. This section contains the Name and Address of the recipient as well. There is also a Ship to version, which is the address where the Invoice or product should be shipped, and this is usually the same as the recipient. Furthermore, there is a section for delivery instructions.

There is also a table where you can include all the details of the transaction. This table is neatly formatted and contains four columns for Quantity, Description, Unit Price, and Total. At the bottom of the table is the Subtotal, Sales Tax, Shipping and Handling, and the Total Due.

Example of Invoice template for Word and PowerPoint presentations
Invoice Template

As a footer of your invoice, you can include your Company Logo, Company Name, and contact information.

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