Sample Letter Requesting Informal Interview For Word

When you’re looking for a job, it is important to be aggressive in the sense that you really go after what you want. You make a way for your potential employer or the hiring manager to notice you and see your perseverance and eagerness. After all, these are qualities that many recruiters look for in their applicants.


So to help you get started on landing that dream job, you can use this Sample Letter Requesting Informal Interview for Word, which can help you get that crucial interview when applying for a job. This Sample Letter Requesting Informal Interview for Word is a free template that you can use when you are applying for jobs so that recruiters can talk to you before you send out your formal application.

This Sample Letter Requesting Informal Interview for Word can also serve as an introductory letter, and is in fact usually accompanied with an enclosed resume or curriculum vitae.

Sample letter with sample text

The template is very useful because all the work is already done for you. Just follow the placeholders and fill them with your own information, such as Recipient Name, Industry or Job Field, Name of Reference Person, Job Field, and Contact Information.

To even make the letter requesting informal interview template even more personalized, you can customize it. You can print it on an already existing letterhead, if you have one. You can also create your own letterhead following many letterhead templates. Another option is to build your own letterhead on this same template. Doing so is very easy, and you can also insert your own personal logo if you have your own firm and are looking for a client or a permanent job within a company.

Sample letter layouts

This request letter template can also be used when you are looking for a client or other leads for your products or services. Just change some of the words and you are good to go.

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