Create awesome wireframes for UI/UX design using PowerPoint and other tools available. You can make awesome lean startup wireframes and help the prototyping process using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 as well as downloading free wireframe templates for PowerPoint like the free Metro PowerPoint template. Sketch wireframes of websites or create awesome mockups using a canvas in PowerPoint.

How to Make Mockup Presentations with PowerMockup

create mockup presentations

Making mockups and prototyping should be easy! Many developers have to go through the process of creating prototypes, taking screenshots or adding images to PowerPoint slides, only to end up being told by the client that this is not what they want. This can be frustratingly time consuming. With a PowerPoint add-in called PowerMockup, you …

Creately: Create Attractive Charts With Real Time Diagram Collaboration

Creating flowcharts, complex diagrams and presentations no longer requires MS Office applications like PowerPoint and Excel, since one can easily create any kind of diagram by using ready-made templates offered by web services. In previous posts we reviewed a few such services including Gliffy, Cacoo and Lucid Chart. Creately is another useful web service for creating …