MLA Style Paper Template For Word With MLA Guidelines And Instructions

Describe Photos in Your Research in MLA Style

Just as chefs have their certain specialties, or just like how people from different places dress a certain way, writers also have their own conventions and they also follow certain styles. The MLA (Modern Language Association) Style is a method of writing research papers that fall under certain areas of Humanities, such as composition and …

Desktop Marketing Project Management Database Template For Access

Be on Top of Your Marketing Projects and Generate Income for Your Company

Marketing Project Management is a critical, time-sensitive task that, when done right, can provide high rewards to your company. To help you get on the right track, there are many project management software that you can use. However, why would you want to spend money on these when you can create your own? 

Free RACI Chart Template For Excel

Easily Create a RACI Chart for Project Management

A project manager’s task, in essence, is to get things done. Project management requires thorough and careful planning and close attention to details as the tasks get accomplished one by one. Project management is part of many business activities and is an important key in many operations.

Participoll Add-in: Easy To Use Audience Response System For PowerPoint

When it comes to conducting polls during Live presentations the options are many. However, what method or service you might choose will depend upon multiple factors, including your preferred and required mode of gathering audience feedback, as well as your budget.

Freeplane: Free Mind Mapping Software For Windows, Mac And Linux

Freeplane is a free cross-platform mind mapping software which can be an interesting choice for making your next mind map, project timeline or concept map. This free app has been derived from the FreeMind mind mapping tool and has been developed by one of the developers who worked on the former. In fact, according to …

Volunteer Sign Up Sheet Template For Word

Sign Up Volunteers for a Cause

Getting volunteers for your cause can be a challenging task. Recruiting the right people and convincing them to volunteer their time and energy, is important for your campaign to thrive. After all, its success means the success of your organization’s cause, which would in turn benefit people in your community, school, or workplace.

Display PowerPoint Slides in Tabs With Tab Slide Template

Want to liven up your presentation and organize your information using various slide animations? With the template that we will review in this article, you can have your information professionally animated to look like tabs. You can Display PowerPoint Slides in Tabs with Tab Slide Template for PowerPoint which animates a horizontal divider from left …

Fitness Progress Chart Template For Excel

Calculate for your BMI and Other Data

For anyone who aims to live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight or stay fit, it is important to keep tabs on how much calories come in what you eat on your diet, and how much weight you are putting on or losing regularly. Your body mass index must be appropriate, meaning your body mass must …

Problem Analysis With Pareto Chart Template For Excel

Pinpoint and Analyze Problem Areas

It is inevitable for problems to arise in any situation, whether at work, in business, or in your personal life. With every problem, there is always a solution. The only challenge left to do it to find which solution is best. In a professional setting, problem analysis is usually done to manage problems and come …

Create Amazing Spreadsheet Paintings With Excel Painter Template

Create Paintings on Your Spreadsheet

There is more to Microsoft Excel than numbers, formula, charts, graphs, SmartArt, and endless cells and grids. Apparently, more and more people are using Excel worksheets as a canvas; making painting in Excel an art form in itself.