Best Hybrid Tablets For Presentations

With the time passing and technology advancing, the difference between a tablet and a laptop is significantly diminishing. Tablets have now become as much productive as the laptops are and we can even say were. The same is in the case of delivering presentations, whether business or any other, the hybrid tablets are now proficient enough to serve your purpose.

Hybrid tablets for presentations

Here are some of the best hybrid tablets for delivering presentations:

Microsoft Surface RT with keyboard cover

This is the first tablet by Microsoft which is available with the stripped back Windows’ version known as Windows RT. Microsoft Office is already installed in this gadget that can conveniently assist you to create and edit PowerPoint Presentations and can even work efficiently on Excel spreadsheets just like your laptop.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

This tablet comes with an attractive and detachable keyboard and is the follow up of the former Asus Transformer. The keyboard and an additional battery let you work for hours. It uses Android platform to run and can be used perfectly for creating and delivering presentations on the go conveniently.

Sony Vaio Duo 11

It is an ultra-book by Sony that can be effectively used converted into a tablet. This gadget is much powerful than majority of traditional tablets and can give a tough competition to various laptops too. It uses Windows 8 operating system to keep you productive. The slider method in it is used to switch between a tablet and a laptop.

Dell XPS Duo 12

It can be compared to the above mentioned hybrid tablet by Sony. As per the reviews, this hybrid gadget is considered to be very complicated product because of its flipping style screen that no doubt looks really attractive.

Toshiba Satellite U920T

This is the last but not the least hybrid tablet we are discussing here. Just like Sony, this gadget also incorporates slider method that helps swapping between a laptop and tablet and it feels robust unlike various other rivals. Its exclusive specifications and the all new Intel processors along with the solid state drive, Toshiba has been successful in making its place among the top rivals of trending hybrid tablets for delivering presentations.

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