Quickly Resize Photos in Batch With Quick Image Resizer

Quick Image Resizer is a batch photo resizing tool for easily converting your multiple photos to a custom size using nothing more than drag and drop. This might be handy for people looking to upload images to websites, such as blogs, where a specific width size is required for uploaded images to appear in sync …

Plan, Organize And Present Mind Maps With iMindMap

iMindMap is a mind mapping software by ThinkBuzan for brainstorming, planning, organizing and presenting your content, with the aid of readymade templates and plethora of handy options to creatively accumulate your ideas and to make good use of them.

Best Hybrid Tablets For Presentations

With the time passing and technology advancing, the difference between a tablet and a laptop is significantly diminishing. Tablets have now become as much productive as the laptops are and we can even say were. The same is in the case of delivering presentations, whether business or any other, the hybrid tablets are now proficient …

Comprehensively Manage All Mobile Devices in Your Enterprise With AirWatch

In the wake of BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives the need for enterprise security and management of mobile devices has increased. There are very few solutions which allow comprehensive management of all mobile devices across an enterprise and one of them is AirWatch.

Letter Of Support Template For Word

Easily Compose a Support Letter to Your Local Official

Government officials cannot do their job well without the support of the citizens which they are elected to serve. Nevertheless, on the part of the citizens, it helps to express your cooperation and support to critical projects, groundbreaking plans, and even simple activities that you know would greatly benefit your community or country. 

All You Need To Know About What’s New in Windows 10

Microsoft has finally released the successor of Windows 8 and it’s called Windows 10. The new operating system by Microsoft promises to iron out all the flaws that made users loathe Windows 8. We decided to take Windows 10 for a spin to see if it is anything that it promises to be and I …

Business Project Timeline Template For Word Online

Clean and Professional Design of a Business Project Timeline

In business, there are certain tasks or deliverables that are time-bound. Even harder are those that are on strict deadlines. In areas such as project management, a critical step is dependent on the accomplishment of another critical step. These instances make the saying “Time is money” very true. At times, a project can only be …

12 Month Timeline Template For Word Online

12-Month Timeline for School, Office or Personal Use

A Timeline is a visual way of displaying important events in history, or even company, family or personal milestones. A timeline chronologically lists the events as they happen throughout history, with the dates and years included. There are many beautiful ways to create timelines for school or work using timeline templates in PowerPoint. In this article, …