Widescreen Templates

Animated PowerPoint Template With Transparent Shapes Over Picture

Change the Formatting to Customize to Your Own Brand or Personality

If you want to showcase a landscape, photograph or work of art, then you would not need many animations or images to distract the audience from what you have to show. However, you can still create animations that would make your presentations remain interesting, exciting, and even unexpected. 

Widescreen Animated PowerPoint Template With Rising Text Effect

Change the Formatting and Customize the Slide to Your Preference

If you want to emphasize a point, clarify an issue or discuss a main idea, then you would need a presentation that would zero in on that. You would need to create stunning PowerPoint presentations that uses up the most elements in a way that would make your point stand out and deliver your message …

Yellow Banded Widescreen Template for PowerPoint

Bright Yellow Template for PowerPoint Presentations

When creating a PowerPoint Presentation, you should keep in mind function before aesthetics. Your presentation should be easily readable to your audience even from afar. It should have enough space for the right kind of information without overcrowding the slides. At the same time, it should be visually stimulating and entertaining. Keep in mind that …

Blue And Tan Gradient Widescreen Template for PowerPoint Online

Elegant Blue and Tan Template for General Purpose Presentations

When you see the colors blue and tan together, only one thing comes to mind: the beach. The color blue represents the tranquil sea while the tan represents the warm sand. Used in a presentation, it will give a sense of peace and serenity to the audience.

Business Contrast Widescreen Template For PowerPoint Online

Black White and Gray PowerPoint Background with Blue Text

When creating a business presentation, you should always keep in mind that you are also marketing yourself as a capable and skilled individual. A presentation not only lets you show data, but also lets you take advantage of the spotlight for consideration of future career advancement. That is why it is important to create compelling …

Event Timeline Diagram Template For PowerPoint Online

Create Beautiful Timelines Using PowerPoint Online Templates

Timelines are a great way to present a story or huge chunks of information happening over a long period of time. Through timelines, you can show milestones and other important events in history that span weeks, months, years, centuries, and even eras. However, creating timelines from scratch can be tedious and time-consuming.

Animated PowerPoint Template With Fade Effect And City Panorama

Animated Text Over a City Skyline at Night Time

Animations make your presentation come alive–literally and figuratively. Animations make objects like text and photos move in your presentations as well as make them more fun and attractive. Animations also help you create an emphasis on your point, or add an extra touch to your slides. You can easily create animated PowerPoint presentations and you …

Evolution Of A Process Free PowerPoint Template


A PowerPoint presentation is an ideal medium to interestingly present information and concepts to an audience. Through a PowerPoint presentation, you can also make long and numerous amounts of data more appealing, if not boring, to your audience. You can embed pictures, videos, animations, tables, graphs and charts into your slides to grab your audience’s …

Create Interactive Presentations With 8 Interactive Panels Toolkit

Previously, we brought you the Interactive Panels Toolkit, which is one of many Animated PowerPoint Templates by Presenter Media. If you are looking for a similar template with widescreen support and extra panels, then you might find the Eight Interactive Panels Toolkit quite useful. This  widescreen Interactive PowerPoint Template comes with eight panels that interactively …

Anniversary Photo Album Template for PowerPoint 2013

anniversary photo album template for powerpoint 2013

Whether it’s a wedding or an anniversary, the Anniversary Photo Album Template for PowerPoint 2013 is a perfect presentation template to showcase and keep your wedding or anniversary photos. The Anniversary Photo Album Template for PowerPoint 2013 is a free PowerPoint template that has an elegant silver and white baroque design in a widescreen format. The Anniversary Photo …