Thatch PowerPoint Template

The Thatch PowerPoint Template is a professionally designed widescreen format slide template that you can use for business, school, or personal presentations. It has a thatch effect that can be seen in the thin blue strands going across the height of the slide. These blue lines show a thatch effect of long thin textures that seem to overlap each other.

Simple and Beautiful General Purpose Template

In the cover slide, the thatch effect has a vignette that creates a shadow along the edges of the slide, drawing the audience’s attention to the center of the slide.

To further bring their gaze to the title, there is a wide lighter blue colored band that goes across one half of the slide’s width, much like an overlay. It is bordered by very thin lines and in the middle is where you can type in your presentation title. Because the template has a widescreen format, you can write your topic as long as you need it to be and it will still be adequately visible even from afar.

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Choose Many Slide Layout Options

PowerPoint Online provides you with many options for the rest of your slides so you can easily complete your presentation using slide layouts according to the information you want to present. You can choose layouts for making bulleted or numbered lists, comparisons, pictures, diagrams, timelines, tables, charts, and so many more. With these layout options, you can be sure that your presentation will be brief yet still highly informative.

Professional Design and Layout for All Slideshow Needs

Because this Thatch PowerPoint Template is available for PowerPoint Online, you can access it online, using any mobile device or your computer. This is perfect for your when you are traveling or if you want to share and collaborate with your team on your presentation.

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