Yellow Banded Widescreen Template for PowerPoint

When creating a PowerPoint Presentation, you should keep in mind function before aesthetics. Your presentation should be easily readable to your audience even from afar. It should have enough space for the right kind of information without overcrowding the slides. At the same time, it should be visually stimulating and entertaining. Keep in mind that you still need to talk and explain your points instead of merely letting your audience read from your text-heavy slideshow. 

Bright Yellow Template for PowerPoint Presentations

The Yellow Banded Widescreen Template for PowerPoint Online is the right mix of readability, function and overall aesthetics. Its yellow background make it attractive and stimulating to the audience, while allowing any text or object in your content to stand out. It is designed to be both professional, fun and simple to use all at the same time.

This widescreen presentation template is professionally designed and features a wide, bright yellow band going across the middle of the slide. It is framed on top and bottom by a narrow, lighter-colored yellow band to tie the look together. This type of framing design allows you to subtly draw attention to your content in the middle of the presentation.

Multiple Layout Options to Make Your Content Shine

This bright and happy-colored template contains 11 sample slides that you can modify and interchange to build your own presentation. These slides allow you to display your data as lists, charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, and captioned photos. It is up to you to be creative in your delivery. You can add more slides, duplicate, delete or rearrange them to suit your presentation needs. Whatever you do, you can ensure cohesiveness in your presentation design with the template echoing its theme in the whole deck.

Beautiful, Ready-Made SmartArt Diagrams

This is a general use template, which makes it flexible with all presentation topics, whether for business, personal, financial, education, or organizational use.

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