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A literature review may often be confused with a book review. While a book review tackles a piece of literature, whether fiction or non-fiction, a literature review tackles scholarly books, articles, studies, and other research materials that are necessary for a specific issue. Depending on your discipline or industry, your literature review will have a different tone or format. Nevertheless, it can be very technical and tedious in the process and presentation. To help you out a little with making a literature review, you can use this Literature Review Template for Word.


This Literature Review Template for Word is a beautiful template that will impress any professor or academic because of its clean format and professional design. This template already sets you up for success with a preset format that includes a cover page, headings, and text styles so your paper looks organized.

Create an Oustanding Literature Review

This Word template even has sample text to help guide you as you complete your own paper. It has text placeholders to guide you so you know which information goes where in your Word document. This allows you to concentrate on getting your content in without worrying about how it will look on paper because the template takes care of that.

And if you are a first timer when it comes to writing a literature review, this template also guides you so that the task will be less intimidating. There are helpful tips scattered throughout the template to give you confidence and better insight on how to write and complete your paper.


Easily Create Technical Papers on the Go

Meanwhile, because it is in Word Online, you enjoy the convenience of getting to access your literature review wherever you go. So if you’re going from library to library or visiting other schools or places, you can always keep track of your progress and easily update your literature review whenever you can.

You can access this template by opening any browser and just logging into the Microsoft portal. This means you can even use smartphones to access your paper.


You can work on a literature review with a team, such as your classmates or colleagues. The template makes it easy for you to track and monitor your progress as well as share updates on the paper with each other.

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