Homework Calendar Template For Excel

As a student, you will have a few things to worry about and one of them is your homework. In school, it is important to be able to do your homework on time, especially if teachers require special projects that require time to create. It is also important to balance your deliverables in school, like your homework and other activities, with your extra-curricular activities and personal life.

Show Your Homework Schedule for the Month

The Homework Calendar Template for Excel can help you keep your schedule together so you can be on top of your class. It is a calendar specially designed for school and students. By keeping track of your schedules and homework, you can be sure that you will not forget your assignments and study times.

The Homework Calendar Template for Excel features two worksheet tabs, the Homework List tab and the Homework Calendar tab. The Homework List tab is where you enter all your homework and other school and personal activities. Here, you can enter your Assignment, Class and Due Date. All the information in this table will be automatically reflected on the Homework Calendar.

List All Your Homework in All Your Classes

This Homework List allows you to list up to four assignments or activities for each day. This tab contains the list in table format, with filter drop-down buttons to allow you to sift through the information and view only what you want.

The Homework Calendar itself shows the current month. It looks like an ordinary monthly calendar such as the ones that are printed out as desk or wall calendars. In this tab, there is an area where you can type the Month, Year, and Start Day of the calendar to customize your current view. You can switch to other months or years by typing in this area.

Automatically Update Your Calendar As You List Your Assignments

The schedules reflected in this Homework Calendar are color-coded depending on the class that it belongs in. This way, you can easily see which homework are for which class. You can also see which class has the most assignments so you can plan the rest of your schedule around it.

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