Sales Templates

Car For Sale Sign Word Template


If you are involved in the business of buying and selling cars, or simply want to sell your existing vehicle for an upgrade or to get rid of it, then you may very well know the importance of eye-catching signage. Creating a Car for Sale Sign will help you advertise that you are selling your …

PayPal Invoicing Template For Excel


If you have an online business, then you know the importance of keeping close tabs on your financial records as if you have an actual, physical store. This is because whether or not you have a physical store and you interact face to face with your customers, you still transact the same. The only difference is, …

Online Sales Tracker Template For Excel Online


Whether you are selling your personal belongings for a yard sale or are starting a business, it is important to keep track of your sales and revenue to make sure that everything is accounted for. Having a sales tracker is an important part of every venture that involves selling products or services because this will …

Retail Sale Flyer Maker Template For Word

Eye-Catching Professional Looking Design

In this digital world where many companies depend on social media to get in touch with their customers and promote their brand, it can be expected for people to say the flyers are dated forms of marketing. Still, many business owners and experts would still say that giving out flyers can still be effective because …

Ticket Sales Tracker Template For Excel

Manage a Successful Event and Keep Track of Your Ticket Sales

If you are an event organizer or a person involved in selling tickets for an event, whether it is for a concert, play, movies, or a fundraising event, then you know that one of the ways to effectively manage an event is by tracking your ticket sales. Selling tickets can be a lot of work. …

Elevator Speech Template For Delivering A Short Sales Pitch

Get Tips on How to Write Short and Quick Sales Pitches

Elevator speeches, or elevator pitch, is a short speech that allows you to convey what you or your company is all about and what your goals are. It is usually delivered within a span of 30 seconds to 2 minutes, the usual time spent in an elevator ride. The goal of an elevator speech is …

Awesome Marketing Plan Templates For PowerPoint

Making a marketing plan isn’t all you might have to worry about, as making it look good before a potential client, senior management or your colleagues is equally important. This is why we have compiled a list of some awesome marketing plan templates for PowerPoint to help you present your ideas in style.

Business Sales PowerPoint Template With Video Animation

Create a Professional and Convincing Sales Presentation

The sales presentation that you create for your client can make or break your business sale. Thus, it is important to carefully plan and tailor your sales pitch to the interests, needs and wants of your client. It is also important to structure your presentation in a way that it highlights the benefits of your …

Sales Call Log Organizer For Excel

Log Calls and Notes for Each Sales Call Made

If you are in a business involved in making calls, or if you have employees whose jobs require them to contact customers or make sales calls, then you would need to keep track of their calls. You can log incoming and outgoing calls using many templates such as this Sales Call Log Organizer for Excel. 

House For Sale Flyer Template For Word

With today’s economy, putting up that “For Sale” sign on your home can be tough enough. The task becomes more difficult when there are other “For Sale” signs on the same street. To help boost your odds of successfully selling your house in an otherwise crowded marketplace, you would need to market yourself well and …