Business Sales PowerPoint Template With Video Animation

The sales presentation that you create for your client can make or break your business sale. Thus, it is important to carefully plan and tailor your sales pitch to the interests, needs and wants of your client. It is also important to structure your presentation in a way that it highlights the benefits of your offer, service or product.

Create a Professional and Convincing Sales Presentation

Make a Mark and Close a Sale

The Business Sales PowerPoint Template with video animation is a well-designed presentation template that can get you started in making an impressive and convincing sales presentation. The template contains six slides that are straightforward and contains the right mix of text, graphics, photos and figures. With this free PowerPoint template, you can create cohesive slides that drive your point directly and convince your client into closing the sale with you.

Multiple Template Layouts for All Your Data

Exude Confidence with Each Slide

The slides are designed to look professional and appealing. The background is set in light gray to bring out your message. The cover slide contains the title and subtitle of your presentation, with an image of a smiling and confident professional, which your client can instantly link with you. This slide, as well as the succeeding slides, contain adequate space for your company logo and contact information.

Inside the presentation is the Table of Contents, which gives your clients an overview of what to look forward to in your slides. The rest of the slide layouts allow you to present your facts or data in a table, graph, and pie chart. These objects aim to show results to your clients, which are the things they need to know to be convinced.  The last slide is a back cover slide, where you can thank your client for spending precious time to watch your presentation. The back cover slide is also a special feature of this template because it contains a short video of a light bulb being turned off, which signals the end of the presentation and adds a special touch to your pitch.

Beautiful Video on the End Cover Slide

Increase Sales with Each Presentation

This Business Sales PowerPoint Template is a standard template that can be used and reused for your business presentation needs. It provides a clear, logical, and organized structure that can help you make that sale. All you have to do is to customize it according to your brand, client, topic, and focus.

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