Retail Sale Flyer Maker Template For Word

In this digital world where many companies depend on social media to get in touch with their customers and promote their brand, it can be expected for people to say the flyers are dated forms of marketing. Still, many business owners and experts would still say that giving out flyers can still be effective because it provides a more direct, face-to-face connection to the customers. If you are a business owner wanting to promote your products or services with a retail sales flyer, then read on to find out how you can do it. 

Eye-Catching Professional Looking Design

Create Printable Promotional Flyers

Whether you are promoting a clearance, seasonal, discount, holiday, or opening sale, the Retail Sale Flyer Maker Template for Word is a great template that you can use for all your flyer needs. It is professionally designed to give an eye-catching layout while displaying the important information about your sale and your products.

The template is in Word 2013 but rest assured that you can have backward compatibility for earlier Word versions. The template is downloadable for free and you can use it each time you want to announce a sale in your company.

Attract Patrons and New Customers with Your Sale Announcement

Easily Personalize Sample Flyer

It contains all the necessary details such as the sale items and the discount prices for each, as well as the duration of the retail sale. At the bottom of the retail sale flyer, you can see the company logo, company name, company address, and any additional contact information. You can replace all these details by simply clicking on the placeholders and replacing them with the corresponding information. The template is designed to be very user-friendly so you can easily follow the guides to complete your own flyer.

Easily Personalize With Your Company Logo and Information

Aside from the text, you can also insert your own photos. The layout allows you to put a photo on the right-hand side of the template and there is already a sample image so you know how your own flyer will look like. Simply replace the image for your own so you can showcase photos of your own products which you are putting on sale.

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