MYO: Unleash Your Inner Jedi To Control PowerPoint With Hand Gestures

You might have heard of the motion controlled remotes for various devices like the Nintendo Wiimote and the motion sensing input device for Xbox 360 known as Xbox Kinect. But what about controlling your PowerPoint presentations the same way by using hand gestures? MYO is a new gadget which lets you interact and wirelessly gesture control computer, phone and other digital technologies using your hand and a Bluetooth connection. It attaches to the user like a common arm band and detects the electrical activity in your muscles to send commands to digital devices.

MYO Armband

What Functions Can You Perform With MYO?

When it comes to the type of functions that you can perform with MYO, there is no simple list. This is because this armband works pretty much with many of the digital devices which people regularly own and lets you control your computer with your hands. For example, MYO works with Windows and  Mac computers and can be used for playing videos, controlling your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations with gestures, playing games, browsing the web, editing videos and more. This armband reminds me of the technology shown in the Movie “Minority Report”, where all types of digital interaction could be done with your hand gestures. Guess it’s time for another science fiction theme to turn into a scientific fact. Below are some pictures about using MYO to control various devices.

Control Presentations With MYO

Control Presentations With MYO

Play Games With MYO

Play Games With MYO

Control Unconventional Machines With MYO!

Control Machines With MYO

MYO Introductory Video

How To Order MYO?

MYO will be available by next year, however you can pre-order this device for just $10 shipment charges (minus taxes and duties). It is worth mentioning here that any taxes and duties imposed by your government may also apply. You can pre-order MYO by going to the link given at the end of this post. The developers are currently receiving 2nd pre-orders for early 2014 and the current price of this gadget is $149. If you are still confused about the functionality of MYO, then check out this video by Tech Feed that tells you all about this awesome gadget.

Other Methods To Wirelessly Control PowerPoint

While MYO will no doubt be a revolutionary new way of controlling PowerPoint presentations by using computer gesture control, there are also some options that you can use even now to remotely acquire presentation control.

Using Gestures in PowerPoint Templates

If you wish to control Microsoft PowerPoint with gestures, then you might find this post of interest, Using Gestures in Your PowerPoint Templates.


Wireless Presentation Remotes For PowerPoint

Another method can be to use presentation remotes as a wireless presenter. Although these are not gesture based, however they give a lot of flexibility for wirelessly controlling presentations. This can be of immense help when you are addressing a huge audience, as you won’t have to continually return to your computer to switch between the presentation slides. Here is a list of the Best Presentation Remotes for PowerPoint.


Presentation Remotes

Use Microsoft Kinect For Controlling PowerPoint With Gestures

In case you are looking for something closer to MYO, then perhaps the best option is to Control PowerPoint Using Kinect, as it is one of the finest devices developed by the best in the business, i.e. Microsoft, which now seems to be on its way to becoming one of the finest device providers among gesture control companies.


MYO has been designed to fit all types of arms without any consideration for a specific size. It also has some basic functions for turning the gestures on and off. To find out more or to pre-order your MYO, see the link given below.

Go to Get MYO

[Video Courtesy: ThalmicLabs and Tech Feed)

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3 comments on “MYO: Unleash Your Inner Jedi To Control PowerPoint With Hand Gestures

  1. Hey there, our app Electric Slide lets you remote control your powerpoints also! (Currently iOS only, though). I’m thinking about picking up a MYO myself, mostly for gaming but maybe it can be implemented into other applications. – this is our app website.

    Great read!

    1. Awesome Chad. We didn’t know about your app. Do you plan to have it running on Android, too? I guess many Android users (tablets, Samsung smartphones, etc.) may be interested in your application.

  2. We just received our MYO Armbard device and now we are testing it with PowerPoint for Mac using MYO PowerPoint Connector.

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