Keyspan PR-EZ1 Easy Presenter: Presentation Remote Wireless With Laser

Your body language and confidence level are the keys to a successful presentation. But often the handling of equipment, the need to change slides and other similar hassles bar us from demonstrating our ideas the way we have planned them. However, with the aid of presentation remotes like the Keyspan PR-EZ1 Easy Presenter Presentation Remote (wireless with Laser), there has been considerable improvement in the presentation style and technique.

This remote is from the same range of presentation remotes that the Keyspan PRUS2 belongs to, to read more about Keyspan PR US2 Presentation Remote Control with Wireless & Laser

Let us cast a glance at how this widget has been helpful in reconstructing the presentation beauty:

Easy Installation (Plug And Play)

There is no need for a separate software installation, just plug in the device and it is ready to be used. You can move around freely and its laser light will manage the affair for you. It is powerful enough to penetrate through chairs or any such hindrances, preventing the embarrassment of constant ineffective pressing of buttons. It lets you compose the volume of the audio or functioning of the video as well.

High On Effectiveness

This device is user-friendly as well as software-friendly; you can use it for both PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. With the aid of a remote you can not only present freely but you have the relaxation of not returning to the system every time;  or pointing and casting a look at the slides. Look at the audience and laser light wireless pointer is your sidekick to guide the audience.

The arrangement of the buttons are also praiseworthy for they let you use the device with ease. There is also a button to turn the screen blank and start the slide show when needed.

Long Battery Life

This is another USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the widget, for which it has been highly acclaimed. You can use it for hours and it there is no need to bother about the cells going dead.

Although there are certain shortcomings of the remote for instance the non-usability of the F5 button but that is something the user hardly ever requires.

When looked at from the broader and more judicious perspective, this is indeed a worthy gadget to choose as companion for your presentation needs.

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